How HIV turns food-poisoning into lethal infection

Animal study reveals mechanism behind rise in salmonella bacteremia in AIDS patients Nearly half of all HIV-positive African adults who become infected with Salmonella die from what otherwise would be a seven-day bout of diarrhea. Now, UC Davis School of Medicine scientists have discovered how salmonella becomes lethal for AIDS patients. Their findings also implicate a mechanism by which HIV evades the powerful drugs used to treat AIDS.

Possible inhibitors against X-DR TB discovered

Researchers based at South Africa's CSIR have made a breakthrough in isolating five compounds that show efficacy against X-DR TB, the virulent strain of tuberculosis that has gripped the world. X-DR (extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, those strains of TB resistant to both first and second line drugs), leaves infected people virtually untreatable with currently available anti-TB drugs.

Genetic diagnosis for healthier children a reality

Lynne Smit It is all too easy to get caught up in the technicalities of genetic therapy, where the diagnosis of a disease by looking at a single gene on a microscopically small embryo can seem like magic to the uninformed. But as slide after slide of smiling parents with healthy children come up on the screen, it soon becomes clear that the miracle of birth is what the International Conference on Fertility and Sterility, IFFS 2007, last month, was all about.


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