SA scientists explore health effects of GM foods

The Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Testing Facility at the University of the Free State is preparing to embark on major research on the health effects of GM crops. Professor Chris Viljoen who heads the facility - the only one of its kind in South Africa - made this announcement at a pubic talk about consumer choice which Biowatch South Africa organised on 29 March.

Fish heads are good for children

Karin Theron Dr Annalien Dalton with the right food to help children become more astute - a paste made from the heads of stockfish on bread. The days where fishing trawlers jettisoned the heads of fish back into the sea, or used them as crayfish bait are probably over. Research has found that the consumption of stockfish heads has helped children improve their short-term memory, their ability to spell, as well as reduce classroom absenteeism because of a boost to their immune systems. Dr Annalien Dalton of the Unit for Dietary Illnesses at the Medical Research Council developed a stockfish...

Pasteurised whole shell eggs hit the market

South African innovation in pasteurisation of shell eggs reduces risk of infection by Salmonella enteritidis and potentially Avian influenza A research and development (R&D) consortium under the leadership of the CSIR announced today that it has successfully developed a new pasteurisation system that greatly reduces the risk of Salmonella enteritidis infections acquired from eggs. This has led to the first sales of pasteurised, whole shell eggs in South Africa. Preliminary laboratory data indicate that the pasteurisation system may also be effective against the virus that causes Avian...


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