Bioprinting – The 3D Printing Revolution

by Earl Prinsloo “Dude, print me a new liver?” may become a commonplace request in the not too distant future. Three dimensional bioprinting is the rapidly advancing "new biotech kid on the block" born from a method known as additive manufacturing technology or more commonly, 3D printing. The rapid growth in the open source "Maker" movement has spurred the incremental leaps in the potential printing of human tissues. "Computer, Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" Any fan of Star Trek - The Next Generation will tell you that the request above was often repeated by Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the Starship...

Why finding potent antioxidants in natural products makes good health revenue

How long you live is a cocktail of diet, stress levels, exercise, luck and genes. In each of these areas, scientists are hard at work unraveling the mechanisms, finding new clues to help explain how and why we age and, importantly, how to extend quality of life. Antioxidants in medicinal plants remains an active area of research with untapped potential.

Eating Chinese honey may be good for your money

In the last few years, there has been a considerable buzz surrounding the presence of antibiotics in honey. Here we take a deeper look at why and how this impacts you, the honey consumer The western honeybee, Apis mellifera is divided into two big groups – those from Europe and those from Africa. The ones from Europe have, until recently, produced much of the worlds export honey. The fact that European bees are relatively sickly, genetically weak bees, ensures that honey produced in areas where these bees are kept will sometimes contain traces of antibiotics and various other medications used...


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