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Science in Africa is the first popular science magazine for Africa, founded in 2000.  Scientists in a broad range of fields report on their research, giving their expert views on topical issues in science and providing the right information to an African public seeking a deeper understanding of science and of the dynamic role it plays in everyone's lives. A culture of science is spreading across Africa.  Get informed, enter the debates and decide for yourself, right here at Science in Africa!   

What is our mission?

  • To promote local and international awareness of science conducted in Africa
  • To give young scientists the opportunity to showcase their research to Africa and beyond
  • To give information on scientific and health issues directly affecting society
  • To give teachers of science in Africa access to resources and information of local relevance
  • To encourage debate on scientific issues
  • To encourage an informed/thinking/questioning African society
  • To further science communication between African countries

Who are we?

The editorial staff are a group of reasonably happy, scientists who delight in science and delight in Africa and her people. Editor-in-chief is Professor Janice Limson who holds a PhD in physical chemistry. She is also the founder, designer and webmaster for Science in Africa.

Janice is an Associate Professor of Biotechnology at Rhodes University in South Africa.   

Review panel

Dr Jim Cambray - ichthyology 

Case Rijsdijk     - astronomy

Prof Martin Villet - entomology

Dr Brian Allanson - conservation

Dr Becky Rogers Ackermann - archaeology

Dr Francis Thackeray - palaeontology

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