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Guidelines for 'Science in Africa' Authors

'Science in Africa' aims to provide the general public with information on
science relevant to everyone's lives. We believe that by providing
information and expert viewpoints on topical scientific issues that we will
encourage understanding, appreciation and an active interest in science.

'Science in Africa' writers are reaching thousands of people each month, across Africa and the globe, and in more than 90 countries. 

Length, Format and Style:

As this is an Internet based publication, articles may vary in length. On
average a good length for an article is anywhere between 700
and 1,200 words, but no longer than 1,400 words.

Please bear in mind when preparing your article that our readership is a general audience of non-scientists and scientists alike and that articles should be written in a style which is simultaneously concise, clear and understandable to a wide readership. It is important to note that Science in Africa is not a peer-reviewed journal. Highly specialised papers submitted in journal format are best sent to a peer-reviewed journal.  Please visit the site and view some of our archived editions as this will provide a good idea of the style and formatting of articles.

Please e-mail articles as a Word, WordPerfect or text file attachment to as soon as you are ready. Articles may be
edited and if you specify, we will only publish edited versions with your
prior approval. Graphics or pictures which may help illustrate your article
are most welcome. Please e-mail these separately from the text as a gif or
jpeg image. We will confirm receipt of all submissions by e-mail.

Articles may be sent at any time of the month.

Other Announcements:

Announcements such as conferences, workshops, science meetings and funding opportunities in science are updated regularly at Science in Africa and are welcomed at any time. (Simply send details to and we will do the rest). For job announcements send these to For queries on advertising, e-mail

Contact Information:

Email the editor at 

All queries: 

For detailed contact information, enter here.

The Editorial Staff, 'Science in Africa'.



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