National Research Foundation Funding

A new mission for the NRF's Research Support Agency:
"A dynamic, quality-driven organisation that provides leadership in the promotion and support of research and research capacity development in the natural, social and human sciences, engineering and technology to meet national and global challenges through: * Investing in knowledge, people and infrastructure;
* Promoting basic and applied research and innovation;
* Developing research capacity and advancing equity and redress to unlock the full creative potential of the research community;
* Facilitating strategic partnerships and knowledge networks; and
* Upholding research excellence.
The Research Support Agency realises this mission through the creativity and commitment of its people and partners."
More information on who can apply for research grants and how to
apply can be obtained from the web site

Institutional support
Institutional programmes that develop research capacity at technikons and historically black universities will continue at least until the end of 2001. More information at:

Student support
The NRF provides two types of student support that complement each other, namely:
* Free-standing bursaries, scholarships and fellowships (prestigious and equity scholarships); and
* Grant-holder-linked bursaries.
Free-standing bursaries, scholarships and fellowships are awarded to students directly on a competitive basis, while grant-holder-linked bursaries are granted to researchers within their NRF support package and may be awarded to students selected by the NRF grant-holder.
More information at:

NRF Scarce Skills Development Fund Call for 2012


Dear Designated Authorities dealing with NRF Scholarships and Fellowships

The NRF is pleased to announce the call for applications for master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships and fellowships for the Scarce Skills Development Fund for 2012.  No 2013 applications will be considered for this call.

Potential applicants that are currently registered for a master’s, doctoral or post-doctoral degree/study in the following specific fields of study are encouraged to apply:

·         Management: Financial Management

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